Via San Martino, Pisa
Via San Martino, Pisa
Via San Martino, Pisa
Via San Martino, Pisa
Via San Martino, Pisa
Via San Martino, Pisa
Via San Martino, Pisa
Via San Martino, Pisa
Via San Martino, Pisa
Via San Martino, Pisa

Via San Martino, Pisa

in Disponibile dal 04/12/2023
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ALIAS INTERNO 10 COSTI UTENZE: Viste i costanti aumenti dei costi dell'energia, la propriet si riserva la possibilit di cambiare i costi delle utenze previa comunicazione. ENERGY COSTS, the property reserve the right to adapt the price of utilities in relationship with the market situation. RENT FURNISHED FLAT 490euro per month! Take into consideration that 110euro forfait for the utilities which includes cold and hot water, electricity, gas, heating, internet, condominium fee has to be paid at the moment of your arrival. Refined little apartment of 45 square meters, located in an exquisite Pisan Palace, right in the historical center, third floor. Furniture of the entire apartment is antique. It is composed by a comfortable double bed, a furnished kitchen with a table, private bathroom. the room is not provided of blanket and pillow for bed I can provide you of 4 bedsheets +2 pillowcase + 2 blankets, the price will be 40 when you'll leave and you'll return everything clean and not ruined, I'll give you back 10 RENTAL AND FINANCIAL CONDITION: The day of your arrival I'll give you the keys of the flat, we will take photos of the room and common part of the flat and you will give to me by cash: - the second monthly rent and 2 months of deposit?guaranty in cash (utilities included); - 75 euro for contract registration (tax and legal consultant service); - 90 euro of utilities for the first month; - Deposit of 30 euro for the house and room keys (it will be reimbursed together with the deposit) Please make sure to have everything for the day of check-in. I can give to you the room and the keys only if you pay all the amount cash. N.B. higher consumption of utilities will be paid every two months and detracted from the deposit. The payment of the rent is two-monthly, every second day of the month. For those who pay late, the days of delay will be calculated and the deposit will be reimbursed for bank transfer with 15 days + number of days of delay. The deposit will be paid back to you at the end of your stay only by bank transfer if the room will be returned clean. The deposit will be given back to you only by bank transfer. DISCOUNT (if interested, please ask for it before the booking): A) if you will pay all the amount of the rent in advance (by two days from the check-in date), you can have a discount of the 5% on the total contract value (monthly rent to be considered is utilities excluded) and just only one month of deposit is needed. B) If you rent the room for 9 or 10 months you can have a discount of 10% (monthly rent to be considered is utilities excluded). The discount is applicable and reimburses on the last month rent. After the booking, I will send you a copy of the contract through email. Then the original copy will be signed on the day of arrival. I will kindly ask you to send me a copy of passport, local country address, and the letter of invitation of University of Pisa. For short period (1month to 3 months) we can discuss to reduce the deposit. Its not allowed to smoke and take drugs in the flat. If that situations occurs, I will immediately inform the Police and the tenant will be immediately removed from the house and he will lose rents and deposit. USEFUL INFO FOR YOUR STAY: The room and the common parts must be returned to the date of departure perfectly clean. Otherwise, the room cleaning cost is 50 per room; cleaning common parts (kitchen and corridor) 80 euro; cleaning each bathroom 50 or for each bathroom. If you left bottles /cartons/rubbish or other stuff are abandoned in the room, it will be detracted 70 euro from the deposit. Please note that the cost of disposing of organic waste is borne by the tenants, who must inform the Municipality of Pisa / Sepi on the date of their arrival and collect the magnetic card for disposal. WHAT HAPPENED IF THE TENANT WANTS TO TERMINATE THE RENTAL CONTRACT BEFORE THAN AGREED? 1) If you have booked the room for 6 to 9 month, you have to notify me 3 months in advance of your desired check-out date and find a new tenant for your free spot, otherwise, you would lose the 2-monthly rent deposit. 2) if you have booked for 1 to 5 months, you have to notify me 2 months in advance your desired check-out date and find a new tenant for your free spot, otherwise, you would lose the 2-monthly rent deposit. In all cases of early termination, the tenants have to inform the landlord with a written letter 2 or 3 months before, according to the length of the contract. After this, the landlord will officially communicate the early termination of the contract to "Agenzia delle Entrate". This costs around 80 euro and it's on tenant expenses. MONTHLY CONTRACT: You will pay rent for each calendar month of your booking, including the month you move in and the month you move out. Example: if you want to book the room from 7 September until 19 of January, you would pay the full monthly rent of September, October, November, December and January. HELPING FOREIGN STUDENTS - the regulations of the Municipality of Pisa and the condominium, it is not possible to make any noise from 23 p.m. at 8 a.m. So it is not possible to make music and parties from 23 p.m. at 8 a.m. otherwise the police arrive and will give fines. - in order to register the contract, you need to go to the office Ufficio delle Entrate in order to have the Codice Fiscale, which is a code number just to identify you. The office in the center, its totally free. Generally the viewings of the room is not provided. If you need the Visa and you have booked the room through the platform: In case of no Visa acceptance by the embassy, i will refund requests within thirty days before the day of arrival. After 30 days from the booking confirmation, the refund of the first monthly rent will not be possible anymore. Generally the viewings of the room is not provided. ***Please note that the room can only be used by the subscriber of the rental contract, to host guests even for one day, the tenant must first request authorization written to the landlord and other tenants and obtain written authorization. In addition, the host who hosts the guests must communicate the presence of the guest person, even for one day and within 48 hours, as per Art.12 of Legislative Decree (hidden) converted into law (hidden) and must pay the City of Pisa the tourist tax for the days of hosting. The conductors will have to pay for the guest (max admitted hospitality 4 days) 2 day/hospitality to the landlord for participation in extra costs for water, electricity, and gas. If the guest person stays for longer than 5 days the tenant must pay the guest the extra lump sum of 70, oo every 15 days of presence. We inform you that under Italian law the deposit cannot be used to pay the rents.*** Please be aware that HousingAnywhere is an online booking platform. Therefore, exchanging contact details and offering viewings is not possible before the booking. If you would like to reserve this accommodation, send me a booking request or a message, and please mention your age and occupation. I look forward to meeting you!

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