Stanze, camere o appartamenti in affitto per studenti in tutte le province italiane

Se stai cercando una stanza o un appartamento in affitto? Clicca sulla tua città e troverai i nostri annunci di affitti per studenti.Camere singole, camere doppie o appartamenti, con foto, titolo, posizione e prezzo.

Dry coupon on rents: complete guide

The dry coupon is an optional taxation regime for income deriving from the rental of residential properties , which is characterized by the replacement of the ordinary taxation system, based on IRPEF and the related regional and municipal surtaxes. This alternative tax regime, introduced by Legislative Decree no. 23 of 14 March 2011, offers numerous […]

Turin: the best neighborhoods to live in for rent

Welcome to the city of Turin, known for its splendid Baroque architecture, world-class museums and delicious Piedmontese cuisine. If you are thinking of moving to this fascinating city and are looking for the perfect neighborhood to live in, this article is for you. We will explore the best neighborhoods in Turin for university students, families, […]

Rentals in Florence: prices and areas

Welcome to this complete guide to Florence rental prices updated to 2023 by Uniaffitti . In this article, we will explore the long-term rental market in the Renaissance city, analyzing the average costs for the various areas and giving useful advice for finding the ideal home. Florence is a city rich in history, art and […]

Average rent in Rome: the average prices

Average rental Rome : searching for a house or a room to rent in Rome can be challenging, especially for students and young professionals who want affordable accommodation without sacrificing quality. In this article, we will focus on the essential information for dealing with the rental market in Rome, analyzing the average prices and providing […]

Rentals in Bologna: the average cost

The cost of the average rent in Bologna varies according to the area and the type of accommodation. In this Uniaffitti article, we will examine the average rental prices in the city, with particular attention to the most convenient areas, the different types of accommodation and the most suitable solutions for students and young workers […]