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Strada di Montalbuccio 31, Siena (SI) , Italia   ·   Inserito il 2017-10-09 15:59:03
300 €
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The rooms are 15 squared meters hotel room for one person or two people with private bathroom with shower or bathtube, completely furnished with personal small fridge, plasma 42’ tv and wifi high speed internet connection, including expenses for taxes and all reasonable use of heater, hot and cold water, electricity, high speed internet connection, tv, public garbage disposal, parking spaces for cars, moto or bycicles.We offer four washing and drying machine in laundry rooms free of charge. We offer the use of a common kitchenette to hot any prepared meals. Under request, we offer a room full cleaning service, including the change of bed linen and towels at euro 40 each to be paid in advance when requested. We strongly suggest to use this service almost once a month. Rooms are under a mainteinance service program, available 24/24, 7/7 for normal mainteinance events. In 300 meters there is a grill restaurant, a pizzeria, a tuscan restaurant, a minimarket, a butcher shop, a newspaper and tobacco shop, a cocktail bar, a take away pizza shop, a pharmacy, a kebab shop, a bank with ATM service, an employment agency, a general stock shop.   euro 1500 per person in a single use room (until 22 march) it is equivalent to 300 x month Euro 1000 per person in a double room (until 22 march) it is equivalent to 200 x month Euro 1000 per person in a single use room (until 27 December) Euro 700 per person in a double room (until 27 December)

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Posti letto: 2

Bagni: 4

Camere: 4

Riscaldamento: Condominiale

Restrizioni: Nessuna

Soggiorno: 2

Cucina: -

Tipologia: Camera Singola

Classe Energetica: D



Linea telefonica

Animali domestici


Aria Condizionata

Fumatori ammessi




Accesso disabili



Caparra: 100

Brevi periodi: Si

Fino al: 22/03/2018

Disponibile dal: 16/10/2017

Utenze medie: incluse Euro/mese

Pubblicato da Allegra Pescini

Siena · membro da Settembre 2015

  • La tua sistemazione
  • La tua sistemazione
  • St.Montalbuccio (44 m)
  • Siena San Marco (265 m)
  • Siena San Marco (295 m)
  • Siena Colonna S.Marco (301 m)
  • Colonna S. Marco Lato (414 m)
  • V.Pescaia Op.B.Fontebrand (422 m)
  • Colonna S.Marco Civico 47 (433 m)
  • Str.Di Pescaia Civico 55 (442 m)
  • V.Pescaia N.Civ.27 (493 m)
  • Prima D.Cavalcavia Col.S. (521 m)
  • V.M.Romana N.Civ.6 (549 m)
  • Str.Di S.Marco Opp.Giugg- (569 m)
  • Via Di Collinella (615 m)
  • V.Gallori N.Civ.30 (629 m)
  • St.Montalbuccio (649 m)
  • V.Del Colle (678 m)
  • Str.Galignano Opp.3 Cance (705 m)
  • St.Galignano Il Gallinaio (760 m)
  • V.M.Romana Elettromercato (772 m)
  • La tua sistemazione
  • Circolo Arci Colonna S. Marco (287 m)
  • La Colonna S.A.S. Di Forte Antonino E C. (339 m)
  • La tua sistemazione


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